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1-3 days100 $ / day
4-9 days85 $ / day
10-29 days75 $ / day
from 1 month65 $ / day

1-3 days 20 $ / day
4-9 days 20 $ / day
10-25 days 20 $ / day
from 26+ days 20 $ / day

Technical characteristics of Volkswagen Tiguan

Body type:SUV
Engine capacity:2 l
Gearbox type:Auto
Fuel consumption7.7 l
Type of fuel:Petrol
Number of passengers:5 people
Trunk volume:577 l

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Description of Volkswagen Tiguan

To rent Volkswagen Tiguan, you will get a maneuverable, fast and powerful car that is not only ideal for city trips, but also provides confident off-road driving. A compact SUV from Bestrental is available for rental in Kyiv, guaranteeing pleasure from the trip in any conditions, regardless of the weather and terrain. Drivers will appreciate this crossover's superior performance in the city, including excellent handling, a comfortable suspension and many additional options.

Renting a Volkswagen Tiguan offers a number of advantages:

  • The automatic transmission makes the all-wheel drive crossover easy and comfortable to drive, allowing the driver to focus on the road.
  • The spacious five-seater cabin creates comfortable conditions for passengers.
  • The spacious trunk provides plenty of space for luggage and gear.
  • Economical fuel consumption - only 6.5 liters per 100 km - makes this crossover economical to use.
  • Multi-steering wheel and air conditioning system provide convenience and comfort while traveling over any distance.

Renting a Volkswagen Tiguan is an ideal solution for those who value a combination of comfort and affordable price.

Volkswagen Tiguan equipment

  • Power steering
  • Leather interior
  • Electric windows
  • On-board computer
  • Air conditioner
  • Climate control
  • Parktronic
  • Heated seats
  • Rain sensor
  • Light sensor
  • headlight washer
  • Heated mirrors
  • Electrical package
  • Navigation
  • Bluetooth, MP3, USB

Customer reviews about renting a Volkswagen Tiguan


I rented a Volkswagen Tiguan from Bestrental for a family holiday outside the city. Very pleased with the choice! The car performed well both on asphalt and off-road. The spacious interior made it possible to comfortably accommodate the whole family, and the economical fuel consumption was a pleasant surprise. I will definitely contact you again!


Great experience renting a Volkswagen Tiguan from Bestrental! The car was in excellent condition, clean and well maintained. With the comfort of a roomy interior and soft suspension, every trip became a real pleasure. The professionalism of the staff and the convenient booking system added only positive impressions


Thanks to the Bestrental company, I was able to get to know the Volkswagen Tiguan better. The car really impresses with its maneuverability and power. Convenient handling, a spacious trunk and a comfortable interior make this crossover an excellent choice for both city trips and out-of-town adventures. I recommend

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