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Fleet management

Fleet management Many companies, striving for successful operations, are forced to have their own fleet of vehicles. Cars are necessary for the rapid movement of employees, transportation of goods and provision of transport services to clients. An important aspect of fleet management is regular maintenance, repairs and insurance. This task may seem unproblematic if the company has only a few machines, but maintaining dozens or more

Companies often do not have sufficient resources, including qualified personnel, to effectively monitor all aspects of fleet ownership. This leads to inefficient work with cars, which increases the costs of the enterprise. In developed countries, fleet management services are successfully used to solve such problems. Now thanks to the company BestRental car rental, this innovative service is also available for Ukrainian businesses!

How does a fleet manager solve fleet management problems?

Owning a car, while seemingly mundane and simple at first glance, actually requires specialized skills and knowledge. Each driver is responsible for his vehicle and the safety of others. However, when driving becomes a profession rather than just owning your own car, the level of responsibility increases significantly. In this case, a reasonable solution is to delegate some of this responsibility to a professional. A new specialization known as fleet management is designed to make this process easier.

Fleet management is a set of measures aimed at eliminating and minimizing the risks associated with owning and operating a fleet. It aims to improve vehicle efficiency and productivity and reduce overall costs. Fleet management is a necessary tool for more efficient fleet management and ensuring road safety.

Moreover, delegating fleet management will help you:

  1. Monitor the Use of Cars: You'll be able to monitor how your vehicles are being used, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

  2. Avoid Vehicle Downtime: A fleet management system can help prevent unnecessary vehicle downtime by suggesting optimal vehicle placement.

  3. Track Driver Performance: You will be able to evaluate the performance of drivers, which helps improve the efficiency of operations.

  4. Get Lots of Useful Statistical Information: A fleet management system will provide you with extensive statistical information that can be used to make informed decisions and optimize business processes.

What is included in fleet management

We take care of almost all aspects related to managing a fleet of passenger cars.

  1. Buying and selling cars.
  2. Maintenance, diagnostics and car care.
  3. Full car insurance.
  4. Financial tasks.
  5. Comprehensive vehicle control.
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