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SUV for rent
  • Rental without driver
  • Rent with driver

1-3 days115 $ / day
4-9 days95 $ / day
10-29 days85 $ / day
from 1 month70 $ / day

1-3 days 20 $ / day
4-9 days 20 $ / day
10-25 days 20 $ / day
from 26+ days 20 $ / day

Specifications Skoda Kodiaq

Body type:SUV
Engine capacity:2 l
Gearbox type:Auto
Fuel consumption8.5 l
Type of fuel:Petrol
Number of passengers:5/7 people
Trunk volume:835 l

Description Skoda Kodiaq

The Bestrental company offers you the rental of a spacious and multifunctional Skoda Kodiaq crossover. This car is ideal for family trips, business meetings and travel, providing comfort and safety on any route. Rent a Skoda Kodiaq from Bestrental.

Advantages of renting a Skoda Kodiaq with us:

  • Spacious interior: The Skoda Kodiaq provides enough space to comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers, as well as luggage.
  • Economical and powerful engine: Modern engines provide excellent dynamics and economical fuel consumption, making every trip efficient.
  • Hi-tech: The car is equipped with the latest safety systems, driver assistants and a multimedia system that make every trip safe and enjoyable.
  • Multifunctionality: The Skoda Kodiaq is suitable for a variety of purposes, from family trips to business events and travel.
  • Flexible rental terms: We offer a variety of rental options from a few hours to long-term rentals to suit your every need.

Why choose Bestrental:

  • Ease of booking: Simple and fast booking process through our website or by phone.
  • Transparent terms: No hidden fees or additional fees.
  • Professional Service: Friendly and qualified staff are always ready to help you in any matter.
  • Additional services: Possibility of renting a car with a driver, installation of child seats and other additional accessories upon your request.

Book a Skoda Kodiaq with Bestrental and enjoy comfort, safety and spaciousness on the roads!

Skoda Kodiaq equipment

  • Power steering
  • Leather interior
  • Electric windows
  • On-board computer
  • Air conditioner
  • Climate control
  • Parktronic
  • Heated seats
  • Rain sensor
  • Light sensor
  • headlight washer
  • Heated mirrors
  • Electrical package
  • Navigation
  • Bluetooth, MP3, USB

Customer reviews about renting a Skoda Kodiaq


I recently rented a Skoda Kodiaq from Bestrental for a family trip out of town. The car exceeded all our expectations! The spacious interior made it possible to comfortably accommodate all passengers, including children. Excellent handling and economical fuel consumption made the trip as pleasant as possible. The booking process was quick and easy and the staff were very friendly and professional. We will definitely contact Bestrental again


I ordered a Skoda Kodiaq from Bestrental for a business trip with colleagues. The car was perfect for our needs: spacious, comfortable and with a large trunk for all our belongings. The latest safety systems have added confidence on the road. I would like to note the transparent rental conditions and the absence of hidden fees. Many thanks to Bestrental for the high level of service and quality cars


We rented a Skoda Kodiaq from the Bestrental company for a trip to nature with friends. The car turned out to be excellent for such an event! A spacious and multifunctional interior, a powerful engine and economical fuel consumption made the trip unforgettable. I was very pleased with the condition of the car - clean and well-maintained. The company's staff was very responsive and helped to choose the optimal rental conditions. Next time we will definitely contact Bestrental again

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