Rent a car

Our company is ready to offer car owners profitable cooperation by offering a rental service for their vehicles. We accept vehicles of various makes and models for lease, providing owners with a convenient way to earn additional income from their vehicle. Rent your car with us and we'll provide professional management, regular maintenance and insurance, giving you a simple and transparent way to monetize your fleet.

Conditions for renting a car in our company:

  1. The car must be relatively new.
  2. The technical condition of the machine must be in good working order and it must be adjusted.
  3. Availability of compulsory MTPL insurance (CASCO insurance at the request of the owner).
  4. No significant external defects on the car (serious dents, scratches, etc.).
  5. The car should not be in the wanted database.

These conditions ensure high-quality and safe provision of your car for rentand also ensure customer satisfaction.

What do we offer

  1. Honest and transparent cooperation: All details of the lease are specified in detail in the concluded agreement, which is drawn up in accordance with legal requirements.

  2. Stable income: The high demand for car rental services ensures that your car will be constantly in demand, bringing you a stable income. Payments to the owner are made in full (approximately 2/3 of the amount earned by the car) and on time.

  3. Protection against force majeure: Our company takes into account the slightest risks, providing additional protection. Clients pay a deposit, which can be used in the event of an accident to compensate for damages. All cars are also subject to insurance.

  4. Constant monitoring of the vehicle's condition: Your car will undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that no minor fault is left unattended.

Cooperation with BestRental when renting out a car, this is your path to many benefits. Our company offers fair and transparent conditions, maintains a stable income for car owners, provides protection against possible force majeure and provides constant monitoring of the condition of your car. Choose a profitable partnership with BestRental and turn your car into a source of stable income.

Rent a car

If you are considering renting out your vehicle through BestRental, please fill out the vehicle owner form below. After receiving your information, we will contact you to clarify all the details.

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