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Long-term car rental

Both individuals and companies/organizations may need to rent a vehicle, and the rental period can vary from several months to several years.

In this situation the company BestRental is ready to provide you with the right car for rent, meeting your requirements and deadlines. Our vehicle rental service aims to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses, providing flexible conditions and a wide selection of cars to suit every taste and budget.

We guarantee a professional and individual approach to each client, ensuring the convenience of renting and the reliability of the cars provided. Whether you need a car for a long-term business trip or a comprehensive fleet of vehicles for corporate needs, BestRental is ready to help you.

Advantages of long-term car rental

For those who visit Kyiv for business or vacation purposes, long-term car rental will be the best solution. This service is also great for those who want to carefully select a vehicle before purchasing. By concluding a car rental agreement with us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Quality and Reliability: We offer modern foreign cars, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.

  • Comfort and Style: Our cars are equipped with comfortable interiors and interesting design elements.

  • Affordable Prices and Wide Range: We offer competitive prices and a variety of options to suit different customer needs.

  • Quick Checkout: Registration of a lease occurs quickly and with a minimum list of required documents.

  • Possibility of Extension: You can extend the lease if the need continues.

  • Variety of Options: You have the opportunity to try out several cars in a row.

  • Discounts and Privileges: Special discounts are provided for regular customers and long-term tenants.

We do long term car rental without a driver in Kyiv is closer, more accessible and more convenient. Our range includes passenger cars, all-wheel drive SUVs and other options, taking into account customer preferences. For any questions, please contact the online assistant on the website or call the numbers listed above.

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