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Cars for leasing

Purchasing a car on credit is no longer as profitable as it used to be, especially given the unstable economic situation in the country. Financial institutions are forced to raise interest rates and require a larger down payment, making car loans unaffordable for many. But what to do if you need a car, but the loan option is not suitable? The solution may be to lease a car. Thanks to this service, you can become the owner of a vehicle while minimizing financial risks.

Car leasing is becoming an increasingly popular solution, especially for companies and legal entities. This service is similar to a long-term vehicle lease, involving payment of the cost of the vehicle in stages, including all associated costs such as insurance, maintenance and repairs.

Car leasing for legal entities opens up many opportunities for effectively solving a company’s business problems with minimal costs and time for registration. There is no need to block the budget or invest significant sums immediately in the acquisition, and then in maintenance, insurance and other expenses.

This allows you to save both financial and human resources by providing a vehicle for operational leasing with a full range of services. Often, owning a vehicle becomes optional: you can use it for a certain period. And at the end of the lease, if necessary, you can buy the car at its residual value or exchange it for a new one.

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Benefits of leasing

Our company's catalog is designed to provide you with complete information about the equipment available for purchase. Color photos of real cars and detailed technical specifications will help you make an informed choice.

Having chosen a suitable vehicle, contact our manager for further details. The transaction process takes a minimum of time and only requires the provision of the tenant’s passport, identification code and driver’s license. No proof of income or guarantors will be required.

The full package of services from BestRental includes:

  • Leasing of serviceable cars with production year 2017–2020.
  • Valid insurance policy.
  • Replacement of the car in case of repair of the main car.
  • Planned maintenance according to established schedule.
  • The desired equipment, agreed in advance (air conditioning, navigation aids, acoustic systems, parking sensors, leather interior).
  • Extensive consultations and technical support throughout the rental period.

The vehicle can be picked up at our rental points in your locality during business hours or at the address you specify (paid separately). Return conditions remain unchanged.

We take care of all organizational issues. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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