Car rental with driver

Modern lifestyle requires constant mobility and rapid movement between different points. For the convenience of traveling to different parts of the city and, if necessary, traveling, the ideal solution may be to rent a car with a driver. This convenient and affordable service allows you to maintain your mobility even if you don't own a car or haven't yet obtained your driver's license. This way, you can effectively solve urgent tasks without putting them off until tomorrow.

When you rent a car in Kyiv, you don’t have to be behind the wheel. You can choose comfort and safety by ordering a car with a driver. This will free you from unnecessary hassle, allowing you to relax and enjoy the views of the city on the way to your destination. On the way, you can relax, prepare for an important business meeting, or simply chat with your companions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Car rental service with a driver provides significant advantages over a taxi, especially if you need to visit several places in one day. You don't have to wait for a taxi every time and pay for every trip or downtime. This is an ideal solution for guests of the capital, and it is also suitable for residents of Kyiv who do not know the routes too well or for some reason prefer not to drive a car.

Car rental with driver

Route optimization is one of the advantages of renting a car with a driver in Kyiv. The driver develops the optimal route if you need to visit several places in a given time interval, ensuring comfortable travel without unnecessary delays in traffic jams.

Additional vehicle equipment is also available. The company's employees are ready to discuss all the details, including the installation of a child seat, equipment for transporting animals, or the provision of a Wi-Fi router.

Payment terms are as convenient as possible. You can pay either in cash or by credit card. For legal entities, the possibility of non-cash payment is provided.

Flexible choice of rental period and tariff is also an important aspect. A car with a driver is available for rent from 2 hours (minimum period) to a whole day or more. You can choose a convenient payment option: a fixed tariff (for one-time movements), an hourly payment (for movement within the city) or a tariff for each kilometer for intercity trips.

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