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Renting a car during repairs

The number of cars in Ukraine is increasing every year, and at the same time the number of road accidents is growing. In addition, every car requires regular maintenance, and its components inevitably wear out over time. Naturally, from time to time every driver is forced to send his car to a service center. But what to do during this time?

Temporary absence of a car causes many inconveniences, especially if you are not used to it. Switching to public transport can be undesirable and inconvenient. What if there is an important business meeting, significant event or business trip ahead? Or maybe you have a trip planned or a trip out of town? Is there a solution to this problem?

Replacement car during repairs

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A replacement vehicle is a vehicle that the dealer must provide if your vehicle breaks down and is under warranty. In this case, dealers are required to provide a replacement during repairs.

Companies specializing in luxury cars often offer a replacement car of the same brand and immediately deliver it to the owner or offer to pick it up at the office if there is a factory failure.

However, in real life, it can be very difficult to get a replacement car during warranty repairs. Therefore, in order to maintain a working rhythm, you can rent a car for several days, weeks or months.

Features of car rental for replacement

Car rental for a short period is a modern solution for maintaining freedom of movement, which is chosen by practical people. Taking public transport or calling a taxi can be inconvenient: buses don't always go directly to your destination, and taxi companies can waste a lot of time searching for a car in your area.

By choosing to rent a replacement car during the warranty repair of his own, the client receives:

  • Choice: Bestrental's fleet offers cars, SUVs and minivans from the world's leading manufacturers. You can choose a specific model, color and other parameters according to your preferences.
  • Simple execution: the contract is concluded in accordance with the law in the shortest possible time. All our cars are registered in Ukraine, which eliminates possible difficulties.
  • Flexible terms: any basic contract can be modified at your request. If you don't need to use the car for a few days, you can pause your rental. You don’t have to change your normal lifestyle because your personal car breaks down. Just take a replacement vehicle and get on with your business. This way you will save time, money and nerves.

All cars are insured, and the contract price includes a mandatory deductible that will cover costs in the event of force majeure.

Choosing a replacement car for rent

BestRental's fleet includes cars of various classes:


  • business
  • premium
  • SUVs
  • minivans
  • electric cars

Any custom-made cars are also available, depending on the tasks that need to be solved. We will discuss with you all the operational and technical characteristics of the car, including body type, load capacity, trunk volume and other parameters.

Renting a replacement car

Terms of car rental for replacement

You can rent a car for replacement for any period:

  • 2-3 days
  • 4-9 days
  • 10 days or more
  • more than a month

Car rental cost while your car is being repaired, depends on its duration, while long-term rental is the most profitable option.

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Ihor Volkovsky
Ihor Volkovsky
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Дарина Кузнецова
Дарина Кузнецова
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Veia Fbdb
Veia Fbdb
Отличная компания! Арендовал машину на выходные, и все прошло без проблем. Сотрудники очень дружелюбные и помогли выбрать подходящий автомобиль.
Ivanka Karabits
Ivanka Karabits
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