Car rental for business

Car rent for corporate clients it provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy high-quality service, avoiding the costs of maintaining your own fleet or paying for a taxi.

Going on a business trip, organizing a work process, meeting partners at a train station or airport, planning courier delivery and optimizing time for processing orders are just a few of the business needs that are completely solved by car rental for legal entities.

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Classes of cars for business rental

from 15 $
from 15 $
from 15 $
from 15 $
from 15 $
from 15 $

Advantages of car rental for legal entities

  1. Your company has the opportunity to purchase its own fleet of vehicles, bypassing the cost of maintaining it.
  2. Vehicles are provided at any time of the day and can be delivered directly to the doors of your office or home.
  3. The rental range includes many brands and models of cars.
  4. You can rent any number of cars, including identical ones for corporate events.
  5. 24/7 support is provided as part of the rental offer.
  6. Each company is provided with an individual offer with the most comfortable conditions.
  7. Mutual payments with rentals are organized conveniently for any business, and the cost of services is affordable.
  8. The process of renting a car for business is quick and requires a minimum package of documents.

How to rent a car for legal entities?

Business car rental is available for both private companies and government agencies. To use this service for a period of several months to three years, just follow a simple sequence of steps.

At the beginning of the process, you need to select the appropriate car brands. Our rental offer includes brands of various classes, from economy class to SUVs, minivans and premium cars. The cost depends primarily on the class of the car. In addition to choosing a vehicle model, you also need to decide on its technical characteristics:

  1. Body type (sedan, pickup, hatchback, station wagon, minivan).
  2. Transmission type (manual, automatic).
  3. Type of fuel used (gasoline, gas, diesel, electricity).
  4. Trunk volume and availability of additional space for cargo transportation and other technical characteristics.
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