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When visiting Kyiv for work or as a tourist, many are faced with the problem of freedom of movement around the city. The optimal solution to this problem is short-term or long-term car rental from the company BestRental. This is an ideal alternative to using public transport or taxi services. Here you have complete freedom of movement: you can easily plan your route without being limited by bus schedules or taxi waiting times.

We have been successfully operating in this market segment for more than six years. During this time, we have created an extensive fleet of modern vehicles and established an effective dispatch service. To rent a car in Kiev, you just need to call our office or contact us through the website. Don't miss the unique opportunity to take advantage of an affordable car rental of the class you need, with or without a driver!

Questions/Answers about car rental

The cost of renting a car at BestRental is determined by its class and rental duration. The starting rental price is $15 per night. When choosing a long-term rental, discounts are provided, and there are also special offers for certain car models.

The deposit is an absolute deductible, which means the amount of your personal liability on the car that is not covered by the insurance company. Payment of a deposit is required, but its amount can be significantly reduced by purchasing additional insurance coverage.

The renter must have a valid driver's license, at least 2 years of driving experience and be at least 23 years of age to rent a car. The decision on the possibility of renting for drivers who do not meet these requirements is made individually.

Driver's license
TIN (for citizens of Ukraine)

To book a car, you have two options: use the booking form on our BestRental website or contact a consultant. Our consultant will be happy to accept your request to book a car from the selected price group and offer the optimal solution that suits your needs.

Our cars are always ready to go

BestRental provides a wide selection of cars to suit every taste and budget. Our fleet includes models from economy class to premium, as well as minivans. Detailed information about available models and preliminary rental costs can be found online on our website or by calling the specified phone number.

Car rental service BestRental ready to provide my services in Kyiv and other major cities of Ukraine! Feel free to call or send a request right now - we are ready to answer all your questions.



The need to rent a vehicle may arise in various scenarios:

  1. For business needs.
  2. As part of tourist trips.
  3. To provide transportation for guests at weddings or other events.
  4. For a trip to the station or airport.

In these cases, it is usually more profitable and convenient to use car rental services than to use your own transport. For example, it is more convenient for a tourist to arrive at a place by train or plane, avoiding long hours behind the wheel, and rent a car only on the spot. For a wedding, it is advisable to rent several cars with drivers. And when traveling to the airport, renting a car allows you to avoid the hassle of returning it to the garage or worries about the cost of parking.

How does car rental work?

Just three simple steps





Business travelers often require the temporary use of one or more vehicles. Owning your own fleet of vehicles becomes impractical if the cars are not used constantly, because the costs of its maintenance are often unreasonably high. Instead, you can always rent a car as needed - and it will be delivered to the specified location with a clean interior and a full tank of fuel.

However, there is still an opinion that using a car rental service is expensive and inconvenient. This may have been the case previously, but when working with a trusted company such as BestRental, inconveniences are excluded. We have simplified the booking procedure, and by ordering a car through the website, you can save 15% from the rental cost. We will select a suitable car taking into account your needs in size, passenger capacity, class and other parameters.

Car rental is easy


We will provide you with a car promptly and in a convenient location.


From economy to executive class. All cars are insured under CASCO.


Managers will tell you in detail about the company’s services and select a car that is suitable for price and comfort.


The documentation was compiled by professional lawyers, without pitfalls and fine print.

Reviews BestRental

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I rented my first car here - the only place where no experience is required, reasonable prices and good service. The location is just a little far away, but they came to pick me up at the metro. I rented a minibus for a wedding. The machines are in good condition. It’s good that they have their own service and car wash.
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Very good service. I have rented cars from them many times already and every time everything is at the highest level. Nice team that will always help and advise. Large selection of cars.
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I used the car rental service of this company, I was very pleased) and without a deposit! We took it for a family trip to another city for several days, from the offered cars we chose the option we liked better, Toyota Corolla, the car did not let us down, although it was exciting) Next time I’ll turn to these same guys!
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Due to the nature of my work, I often have to visit the capital. It is irrational to drive your own car, so I chose the BestRental company to rent a car for several days. I would like to note the excellent technical condition of the car and its perfect cleanliness. I am very pleased with the cooperation!
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This was my first time ordering a car here; before that I had purchased cars from other companies. I really liked that the car was delivered and picked up from the location you specified. I ordered a Mercedes. The car is in excellent condition both outside and inside. The staff are very polite and friendly. In general, I am very glad that I ordered a car from a rental company, from now on I will only order here
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I often use the services of BestRental, the cars are always in good condition, clean, and well-maintained. Paperwork takes no more than 15 minutes, polite managers are always ready to help. Separately, I would like to note that the car can be delivered to the specified location, this is very convenient, you do not need to go anywhere and pick it up from the parking lot.
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Best rental. If you value that they trust you and drive carefully, there will never be problems! The deposit was returned in full! Having driven almost 2000 km, there was not a single fine. The prices are good for me because the cars are fresh, so it’s normal for me. The car was delivered and picked up at the house, the guys are great, always in touch!! I wish you good luck and if anything happens, I’ll definitely contact you again!
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